Sacking Mou Could Trigger a Kane or Son Exit

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Harry Kane is 28 and Son is 29 this summer. Performance and age-wise they are at their absolute peak.

Tottenham’s season this year has felt like a never ending bender. Highs of topping the league and world class finishing to lows of drab, boring football and bad results. There’s virtually no predicting whether next week will feel like a hangover or a happy buzz.

Divided Support

Spurs supporters are more divided than ever when it comes to their opinion on our future management. Some believe in giving Mou some time and being patient, other are already sick of his media antics and at times boring football, and some just hated him from the start and want him out regardless of results. While I think there’s a valid arguement to be made for all of these opinions, I believe the impact of moving to a long-term ‘project oriented’ manager will have some negative consequences that aren’t being discussed as much as they should be.

Desire for Silverware

Kane and Sonny DESERVE to win trophies in their careers. They are world class talents for club and country and model professionals. While our results aren’t exactly what we expected, by and large the hiring of Mourinho has been good for them. Without Mou I don’t see Bale and Reguilon coming to Spurs. Our manager, regardless of your opinion on him as a person, is better positioned to attract top talent to play alongside Kane/Son. Ex-players all seem to love Mou and his track record speaks for itself. If Kane/Son truly want to win something for Spurs while in the prime of their career, it would be hard to argue that any managerial appointment would be better than Mourinho at this time.

Long Term vs Short Term

If you’re Harry Kane and Mourinho’s sacked this summer do you really have the patience to stick around for another long term project to build Spurs into a silverware winning team? Even in a best case scenario of hiring Nagelsmann, he’s a very young manager and would need to be given time and funds, in a Pochettino-style long term project to be positioned to win anything. Long-term, this is probably the best move for Spurs, but at what cost? There’s a fair arguement that Kane and Son would be the wrong side of 30 by the time a manager like Nagelsmann had enough time to turn our squad into winners. If silverware is a box that either of these players need to check off during their Premier League career, Mourinho might be the best and final option to do so with Spurs.

Are we so lacking in patience and desperate to get Mou out of the club we’re willing to sacrifice Kane or Son in the process?

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